New youtube tribute vid by me

I just made an Ace Combat Tribute and posted it on Youtube. Here's the link: For those of you guys who know whats Ace Combat is, u can go to the link. Plz comment and rate XD

Ace Combat is a game in which you fly planez and fight warz. The soundtrack of the game is awesome too.

Macbook "debut"

XD just received my Macbook Pro yesterday. So happy. First blog post from my Macbook. lol

Task 5

This is the end result.
All links:

My favourite online application is definitely Facebook. I can communicate with my current friends and add them on Facebook so that we can keep in touch. How this can be used for learning??? Well, I feel that Facebook is very useful as it can be used to post pictures and information on your "wall". Then, your classmates can visit your "wall" so that they can read or use the pictures and information.

Task 2b

View My Map in a larger map

This is my map. Its about my trip to Beijing, China 2 years ago. XD

My experience while creating this blog

As this is not the first time I'm creating a blog, I am very familiar with the procedure. But even so I still feel the joy of creating a blog that would be shared with your fellow schoolmates. The blog can be used for a form of learning between my classmates and teachers, as they can use the blog to give or submit homework completed during the holidays.

-Sean Phua Aik Han

When I Recieved my Confirmation Letter

When I received my confirmation letter, I was overwhelmed with joy. It was as if a war had just ended. I could finally relax for once before the upcoming PSLE. Also my other DSA applications had been turned down. So when I got the letter confirming my success at SST, I was thankful and happy.
-Sean Phua Aik Han