Reflection 3

Expanding Our Learning Network. My understanding is that we have an ever expanding network of places to learn and share new information. This value is important as it allows us to expand our sources of information and get more even quicker. This improves our learning experience by allowing us to learn more than just what the teacher can offer.

Personal Reflection 2

Forging Excellence, my understanding of this school value is that we have to give our best in doing anything even if it is just greeting a teacher or completing an examination. Well, I'm not exaggerating in anyway but, I think I have perseverance and that it has helped me through the past 2 days a lot. What I should do to improve is to make myself be less easily angered and I need to stay calm when facing a tight situation. I can contribute to my class by helping classmates who have trouble in studies and contribute more during class activties.

Personal Reflection 1

Well, I feel that working in a team while doing the bridge building project is quite annoying . Mainly because I personally feel that I'm not very good at communicating with my teammates and that I'm not that "outgoing" type of person. But after the activity, I learnt that I must change my attitude. I found that I was easily annoying d and quite impatient. But after seeing this, I'm determined to change, I would probably communicate better and try to be a better person. At first, I was a little nervous, then, I became annoyed. Because I did not know them previously and I did not give myself time to adjust to the new environment. But that is not a really good attitude. So, I tried giving my teammates a chance, and I found them to be quite friendly. So now, I want to change for the better.