My Favourite Excerpt S1-07 Sean Phua Aik Han

My favourite excerpt is "The Last Lecture".
I feel that it can actually brighten up someone's emotions when he/she is sad as the excerpt displays how Randy was optimistic and always looking on the good side of life instead of the bad sides. This I think ties in with my motto "Always look on the bright side of life"He is optimistic and is not self-centered. He is always concerned about how others will feel about what he is doing and does not feel that life is meaningless just because he is dying. The two phrases "What do I, alone, truly have to offer?" and "Maybe I'd be among the lucky ones who'd survive.". The first phrase can tie in to me contributing to society and my studies. To be the most effective in what I do best, I have to study the right subjects. I must also consider what I can do will contribute to the society the most. The second phrase can tie in with me when I'm taking my tests. For most tests up til now, I have not been putting in 100% effort. During and after the test, I would pray that I will pass or do well. But usually I would not be successful and would fail or get good marks. So, I intend to kick this bad habit.

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